The Software Architect

For much of my career I’ve played the architect role on various software projects, whether that’s product development, consulting gigs, or in-house web apps. I’ve always tried to make a positive impact when I’m in that role, but something that’s always bothered me is the sometimes-negative-stigma about architects. Many people look at “architects” as just …

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Order of Using Directives in C#

There are many things in software development that have ignited holy wars over the years. Stored procs vs ORMs. Tabs vs spaces. Emacs vs Vi. You name it and software developers have most likely argued about it. This post isn’t meant to start another holy war, but I’ve had a couple conversations about it the …

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Lowercase Routes in ASP.NET MVC

I don’t know about you, but I believe all URLs should be lowercase. Seeing a URL with uppercase letters always seems wrong to me, and frankly, I think looks kind of ugly. This goes for intranet web apps as well. Historically, in ASP.NET MVC apps, you have to take care of this yourself. For example, …

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Using Configuration to Define Web API Routes

In most Web API projects, endpoints are usually defined one of two ways: by adding routes to WebApiConfig or by using attribute routing on the API controller actions. I’m not the biggest fan of attribute routing (a post for another time), so I tend to put all my routes in WebApiConfig. Plus, the APIs I …

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Modifying Web.Config with PowerShell

It’s still amazing to me some of the traffic I get from Stack Overflow for posts I wrote years ago. Below is another one about using PowerShell to flip the debug mode in a web.config file, which is weird to think about now because of the advent of config transform files. Begin wayback machine… Original …

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Logging Web API Requests

Inevitably, if you’re building an API, you’re going to want to monitor requests made to that API. A big step in doing that is logging each API request so that you can capture and determine important information about your endpoints, such as data being sent in, data being returned, how many times endpoints were invoked, …

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Setting HTTP Header Authorization for Web Services

This is another post from the archives, brought back to life because there are still tons of StackOverflow links to it (7% of requests in January alone, crazy). This time it’s one from way back in 2006 about setting the Authorization header in a generated web proxy class. Like the last time, presented in it’s …

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What My Blog Is Made Of

As I rebooted my blog, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time getting it back off the ground. I just wanted to get it up and running so I could focus on writing. I briefly considered using Tumblr or Medium, as my friend John suggests, but in the end I decided to stay …

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Use a Single Web.config for IIS6 and IIS7

This is a re-post from something I wrote way back in 2008. Turns out that I still get several hits a day for the technical contents of this post, mostly from StackOverflow, so I’m putting this one back online to help people out (nothing more frustrating than finding an answer to your problem only to …

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