2015 Year In Review

My obligatory year-in-review post, in no particular order: Work Stuff I left Standard Register and joined Questline back in March. There’s no need to go into great detail, but Standard Register just wasn’t a culture that valued delivering software, and that made for a very frustrating place to work. Questline is the opposite and understands …

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Why .NET? Why Java? Why Ruby? Why Whatever?

I came across a post the other day that asked Why .NET?, written from the viewpoint of why, as a small startup, they used .NET when most startups tend to avoid that platform. The author goes on to give reasons for their decision, which is important given one of their principles is open source over closed …

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New Desktop Apps for Blogging on Windows

Like many people who write code, ideas come to me all the time for things I’d like to build. Most times the ideas are fleeting, but there are others that stick in my head, and it’s these that get written on the whiteboard in my home office. Among those ideas is to build a better …

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The Superman Effect

The nature of writing code is inherently difficult. Programmers are asked to build complex systems, make them easy to use, and hopefully do it with minimal bugs and security holes. And generally it’s the act of problem-solving that goes into writing code that is the hardest part. I’ve been writing code in some form or …

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Post-Release Maintenance

Of all things that go in to building software, my favorite part is releasing code to production. It’s nice when users can finally benefit from all your hard work knowing that perhaps you made their jobs a little bit better. And whether you’re building an internal line-of-business website, a downloadable product, or a new version …

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The Now Page

I stumbled across a really great idea today from Derek Sivers – the Now page. The premise is quite simple: people ask or want to know what you’re currently working on, and what better way to tell them than to point them to a short, easy-to-remember URL (i.e. /now). When writing my own Now page, …

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Serialize Web API HttpHeaders as JSON

Here’s a little C# extension class that serializes a set of HttpHeaders as a JSON string: View the code on Gist. NOTE: It uses the JSON.NET library to do the actual serialization. For example, if you want to serialize Web API request (or response) headers, you might do something like this: var serializedHeaders = request.Headers.ToJson(); …

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Extract Custom Header Value From Web API Request

Here’s a simple C# extension method that returns the value of a custom header from a Web API request; it extends the HttpRequestMessage class: View the code on Gist. Assuming you have a HttpRequestMessage object, you can call it as such: var customHeaderValue = request.GetHeaderValue("Custom-Header"); Enjoy. Featured Image: All rights reserved by asienman

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Common Outputs for Windows SC Command

I’ve been doing a bit of work with Windows services lately, in particular automated deployments of Windows services, which means I’ve been using the Windows SC command a lot. The SC command (short for “Service Controller”, located at C:\Windows\System32\sc.exe) is a really easy tool used to query/install/uninstall/start/stop Windows services from the command line. And if …

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