Slides for My Two Talks at WordCamp Atlanta 2013

Last weekend I attended and spoke at WordCamp Atlanta. There were over 400 people in attendance, and the organizers and volunteers did a fantastic job of hosting the event. Jon Davis (from Shopp) made the trip with me and as two of the organizers for WordCamp Columbus, we made several mental notes about how they did things for which we’ll apply to our own event come early August.

And like any good conference, it was great to finally meet some people I had only known in the online world, such as Brian Krogsgard, Eric Hitter, Jen Mylo, Sara Cannon, and of course the 8BIT guys John, Tom, Chris, Jared, Michael, and their interns Cam and Jason (not to mention it was great hanging with Syed again). Good people all around.

Anyway, I’ve been asked several times for the slides for the two talks I gave, so without further adieu, here they are (the headline font didn’t come through properly during the SlideShare conversion, but they still look pretty good). Enjoy.

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