SysInfo Plugin for WordPress

For some time now, our Max Foundry products have had an admin page built into them that shows various system information for that WordPress installation. Things like the current theme, all active plugins, the versions of WordPress, PHP, and MySQL, memory limit, browser details, operating system, all of which are really useful for us when it comes to support issues.

Also for some time I’ve wanted to extract that part of our products and turn it into its own little plugin because this is something that’s useful for a lot of people. Any “normal” WordPress user and anyone who builds and supports WordPress products will benefit.

And so it is done. I finally sat down, made the necessary extraction, and turned that functionality into its own standalone WordPress plugin.

What It Looks Like

Here’s a simple screenshot that shows the kind of information I’m referring to:

WordPress SysInfo Plugin


Awhile back I conferred about this idea with Jon Davis from Shopp and he thought it made a lot of sense, and when I was at WordCamp Atlanta a couple weeks ago I chatted with Tom McFarlin from 8BIT about it and he thought so too.

But not only did Tom and Jon help validate that it was a good idea, they both jumped in to be contributors as well.

GitHub Repo

For any developer that might be interested, you can find the code in the following GitHub repository:


If you’re into that sort of thing and have things you’d like to see in the plugin, issue a pull request and we’ll see about merging it into the codebase.

WordPress.org Plugin Repository

Even though the GitHub repo is the source for the, um, source, the plugin can also be found in the Plugin Repository on wordpress.org:


If you download and use the plugin, please consider rating it and giving it a quick review. We’d appreciate it.

Inspiration Came From ?

I must admit that like just about anything else, this is not an original idea. I saw something similar a long time ago in a WordPress theme (I think), but can’t remember for the life of me where. All I know is that it was pretty basic and I thought it would be good to expand upon it and add to our Max Foundry products to help streamline our support.

There are definitely other WordPress themes and plugin with their own debug-type information built in, but at least this way it can be used by anyone regardless of what theme and plugins they are using.

If you have any questions or things you’d like to see in it, let us know. Enjoy.

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  • http://philderksen.com/ Phil Derksen

    As a premium plugin developer myself, this is a fantastic addition to aid in support. Another plugin where it’s done well is Easy Digital Downloads. Thanks for starting this up!