Writing Struggles

You may have noticed I haven’t written a blog post in the last few days. I don’t think it’s any coincidence this has happened since starting at Znode last week. It’s definitely been an adjustment getting used to the daily schedule change, and has certainly affected me trying to write everyday.

Obviously my goal of publishing one blog post per day for this year is gone, and that really sucks. I thought I’d be able to pull it off, but the new job threw an unexpected wrench into those plans.

The root of the issue is that I don’t work from home anymore.

The office where I work is a 30-40 minute drive each way, depending on traffic (I live on the far west side of Columbus but work on the far north side). Going to work everyday isn’t terrible, but coming home is the problem because I get a double-whammy on both ends.

Traffic up where I work is notoriously bad, so getting out of there during rush hour is just stupid. Then when I finally get around to my side of town, there is a whole mess of construction which adds even more time. The normal 30-40 minute drive quickly turns into 45-60 minutes to get home.

To keep my sanity, I’ve already taken to getting into work early so that I can leave before rush hour gets into full swing.

That means I’m getting up around 6:45 so that I can leave between 7:15-7:30 at the latest, which gets me to the office around 8-ish. Doing that means I should be able to leave by 4:15-ish, which gets me out ahead of most, but not all, rush hour traffic. At least it’s tolerable.

Once I’m home, I’m done thinking about work or code or any of that for awhile. It’s dinner, family time, or most likely, kids activities (baseball, dance, girl scouts, and/or drum lessons).

After we’re done running the kids around, we get home, maybe relax with a little TV, and then the kids hit the sack between 9:30-10:00. And I tell you, by the time that happens, I’m wiped out. Trying to write when you’re mentally exhausted doesn’t work.

Maybe I just need more time to get adjusted to my new schedule. My guess is it’ll take a good month to settle in to the routine.

I’m hoping that over the course of getting adjusted some sort of writing schedule will present itself. But if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

  • http://twitter.com/aJimHolmes Jim Holmes

    I’ve dealt with long commutes a couple times in my life (http://frazzleddad.blogspot.com/2008/11/last-day-at-quick-solutions.html), and that drive time can be a good place to think up some writing topics. You might even be able to mentally flesh out an outline for a short post. If you can get your main points in line and solid in your head, then see if you can at least record notes on your phone, or some other audio device. Not sure if voice recognition on the iPad is good enough to capture your ideas or not.

    Regardless of how, if you can get your outline in place, then it may just be a quick five or ten minutes in the morning while you’re fresh to flesh out that draft and get it posted. Your day job folks might be forgiving enough to cut you ten minutes slack to get your post done early in the day, too…