2015 Year In Review

My obligatory year-in-review post, in no particular order:

Work Stuff

I left Standard Register and joined Questline back in March. There’s no need to go into great detail, but Standard Register just wasn’t a culture that valued delivering software, and that made for a very frustrating place to work.

Questline is the opposite and understands to its core the importance of getting features and updates into users hands quickly and often. I think I’ve found a home for awhile.

Conference Stuff

I only attended two conferences last year: CodeMash and the Microsoft Strategic Architecture Forum.

Last year’s CodeMash was the first one I’ve been to after a 4-year hiatus, and it was great to get back there. Such a good event, loved catching up with people I hadn’t seen in quite awhile. Looking forward to the 2016 edition.

The MS Strategic Architecture Forum was also really good, and I learned a lot at the two day event in Seattle. However, I’m still apologizing to Phil Haack for falling asleep in my hotel room when I was supposed to be meeting him for drinks. Drinks are on me next time Phil.

Health Stuff

2015 was really the first year where I made a conscious effort to make better decisions on a daily basis with regards to my health. And by that I mean not just some new diet or yet-another-exercise-program, but making it a part of what I do everyday.

I think it’s because I knew I was turning 40 in September and I’ve accepted that statistically my life is already half over. Seems weird to say that, but I want to ensure the last half of my life can be lived as healthy and pain-free as possible.

To do that, I started exercising regularly 4-5 days a week (which is as good mentally as it is physically) and I’m much better about my food choices. As a family we eliminated as many processed foods as possible, instead preferring natural, fresh, and organic foods. Meats now consist of mostly grilled chicken and salmon, with a healthy dose of vegetables.

It’s not like I’ve lost a bunch of weight or anything, though I have lost some weight. It’s more about simply being healthy, and if I lose weight doing that, then great. But more importantly, I just feel better.

Family Stuff

After a rough patch in his junior year, Ethan is doing very well as a senior and is prepping for college, where he wants to major in graphics design. He did really well on the ACT and is looking at four schools: Bowling Green, Ohio University, Miami University, and University of Cincinnati. He’s already been accepted to two of them (both with some scholarship money) and is waiting on the other two before he decides.

Drew is now a freshman in high school and has adapted well. He is working hard in preparation for the upcoming baseball season and will be attending his first college showcase event in a couple weeks; recruiting starts early.

Emma is a 7th grader and was on the middle school gymnastics team, which was huge for her because it was the first true competition sport that she has participated in. She got better and more confident with each meet.

Amy and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary. We’d love to get back to Hawaii for our 20th next year, but we have a few trips already in the works for other things, so we’ll see.

Blog Stuff

I wasn’t very prolific with my blog, having only written 26 posts in 2015 (and no posts in April or June), but I think I wrote some high-quality posts that helped people out.

My top 3 posts from 2015 are:

  1. Upload and Download Files with Web API and Azure Blob Storage
  2. Using Configuration to Define Web API Routes
  3. Logging Web API Requests

Visits to the first post are more than the other two combined, and I find it interesting that all three are related to ASP.NET Web API.

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